Saturday, January 22, 2011

Barely made it to Bogota!

Due to a couple mis-calculations on how long it would take us to get all picked up and out of Medellin, we arrived at the Medellin airport 15 minutes before our flight was scheduled to leave.  Adrianna, from the local church was trying to persuade the airline to be compassionate!  We sprinted through the airport, and made record time through the security check.   We sat down as they started the stewardess safety briefing.   We all said a quick “Thanks God” and settled in for the short hop to Bogota.


  1. Glad to hear that you all made it. Hope you are all relaxing and catching up on sleep. Looking forward to having you all home.

    Love Niki and family.

  2. Now Lord, refresh your servants, bless them, restore them and may they have fun for a couple of days.And make sure they make all of their air line connections coming home . Looking forward to your stories and testimonies of how God used you to further his Kingdom in your hearts.