Thursday, January 20, 2011

What an amazing week so far

We began teaching English on Monday morning. Between the morning and evening classes there were 234 people registered. Many of the students are young - teenagers and early twenties. But there is also a wide range of ages. We have had to adapt our lessons significantly. But as the team had prepared to come we had reminded ourselves over and over that we were coming as servants and we would do whatever needed to be done.
 Instead of teaching one class of beginners and another of intermediates, we are teaching both at the same time and doing different or harder exercises for the intermediate learners.

There is a team of 20 Colombians who are working alongside of us. It has been an incredible blessing to us to work with our Colombians friends. They love God and give so much of themselves to the students and to us. It has been an amazing experience to see two teams of people, who speak different languages colloborate together and work together as one. Meaningful friendships have developed between the Colombian team members, students and the Canadians. It is a wonderful thing to watch the dialogue and interaction taking place around the tables.

The feedback from the students has been extremely positive. Many of them ask each day when are you coming back. The team has done extremely well.


  1. Hi guys! I grateful that you are doing so well with the ESL. God is great! Keep up the good work. Here at home it is snowing again. I was not working this morning so I went skiing. Lots of Pow! Eat your heart out Jason! Blessings.

  2. That sounds so exciting! We knew you were very
    busy. Thanks anyway. Marion and I have been praying for your group with Micah and Naomi.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week. Enjoy

    Shane and Marion