Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cooking in Cartagena
After two intensive weeks of working in Medellin, the team is taking a breather. We've come to Cartagena to unwind and to review, talk through and evaluate what we did. It is hot in Cartagena!! When the humidity is factored in it was 40 degrees celsius yesterday. We enjoyed the change and the many conversations we've had with each other and with Diego and Claudia who've also come with us.

Slowing Down on Sunday
We all went to bed early and had an amazing rest. We've planned today to have a slower day. Church service in the morning and then Gerald gets to swim in the Caribbean. I think a few others may join him!  :)


  1. Of course Gerald is going to swim in the Caribbean. That man loves the water. Enjoy the sun and sights. See you in a few days.

    Love Niki and kids.

  2. is that picture taken at the fort??
    i remember going there when we lived there for a bit Dad!!
    Looks like a beautiful day..
    its been bitterly cold here.... -40s with the windchill... so enjoy that weather for me too!

  3. So, how are you "red" necks doing? Remember to put on your sunscreen? We hope that all of you took a chance to swim in the Caribbean!
    Prayers for your safe travel back here, you are on your own for the weather shock part. :)
    Enjoy the vacation and we miss you!

    Love Patti, Laura & Rusty (Tia & Squid, too!)