Sunday, January 9, 2011

Made it to Medellin

Greetings from warm and sunny Colombia. We made it!!!! We arrived safely and entered Colombia with no problem. Diego said he had never seen a group pass so quickly through customs. Thank you for your prayers! We were warmly greeted and welcomed by our Colombian friends. All of us immediately felt at home. They took us to an incredible open air restaurant where we enjoyed Colombian food and visited with our new friends. On the way into town we stopped at a lookout and took in the breathtaking view of Medellin. And then it was off to our hosts homes - all of us are staying in different homes, except Brenda and Sonya who are together. Never did a hot shower and a bed feel so good.

On Sunday Dries and Rick went to the Envigado Church and the rest of the team was introduced to the church at Poblado and prayed for before heading off to teach Sunday School. The language was not as huge a barrier as we thought. The kids were fantastic and happy to interact with the team. Dries and Rick had a similar experience at Envigado. People have opened their arms and lives to us.

We've already learned something from our Colombian friends. Whenever they greet one another it is with hugs and kisses. They did that with us right from the moment they met us. So we decided that it didn't seem right to hug our Colombian friends and just nod at one another. So as of this morning the team greets one another in the Colombian way (including Jason).

Tonight we get to take in the Colombian Christmas sights. Tomorrow is a full day with our Colombian counterparts in preparing for the Day Camp that starts Tuesday morning.

posted by Rick


  1. Hi everyone!! I am so happy that your day went well. Thinking about you often this morning wondering how it all went. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Niki and family. Miss you Gerald.

  2. yah!! i have been checking back all day hoping for an update!! I am so glad that you all arrived well and happy! The food looks AMAZING... so jealous.. wishing that I appreciated it more when we lived there ( eh dad!)
    Praying for you all

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  4. Hi from the Heaths!
    We're so glad to hear your in Medellin.
    Thanks for all your updates. They're easy
    and fun to follow. Just to let you know we
    are praying for you all. by the way, it was
    minus 6 here today.brrrr!


  5. Wow word from down under.. Columbia. Thanks Marion for sharing that it was -6 , they need to remember LOL. Praying for all of you for Gods Favor on all of you and wisdom to follow you. That you will Glorify your Lord in all that you put your hearts and hands too. Thanks for the update I am just as excited for you as though part of me is there. You are our blessings have fun . Praying always . Love you Fred. Patti