Thursday, January 13, 2011

pacifico again-not snowing here

Hello from warm Colombia where it is not snowing or even cool. 

Our third Powerlab was successful and the teens (rangers) are awesome.  It was a story about Peter walking on the water and a lot of us felt we could be sprayed with some cold water like the kids were in the "moonlight cruise".
We have chosen to go back up to Pacifico to tell the story of Peter again and how Jesus gives us the power to be brave.  Rick will give an animated version of the story while the rest of us are in the boat and acting out the story.  We do have a game and we plan to teach them a song in English.  Brenda and Dries made some slime and we are going to use that for a game, during which we will ask them who is the bravest to try and touch it.  A colouring page and snacks should round out the afternoon.  They are such well behaved children considering their background. 

Last night we invited our bus driver(Luis) to our group supper. He recieved one of the Canadian hats and he seemed very pleased.  He has driven us aroud every morning  (7 AM) and drops us off at our host families every night.  We are praying that this whole experiene will be one more link to drawing him to an acceptance of Jesus.



  1. wow Sonya I am so jealous . The kids are so cute .I wish I could be there as we are having nothing but snow !!!!!!missing you ...and counting the days for your return! sweet.Mrs madd

  2. Our God is Awesome too! Tonight we have our prayer meeting -- gives us lots to pray about & be thankful.

    A & I miss you big time, EH

  3. It is so awesome to follow this blog! Did anyone make my dad (Fred) touch the slime? Would have loved to have seen it. Enjoy the heat and we will keep shovelling the snow :)

    Our prayers are with you all,

    Laura & Rusty

  4. Hello Eleanor!! Thanks for the update. Gerald said last night to Connor via Skype that the youth group is just awesome and that he would really like the kids. Sure missing you all. We are having crazy weather.

    Take care love Niki.