Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Today we are blogging, catching up from yesterday. We were so busy yesterday that we did not have any time to blog yet.
Sunday, after we visited a local Mall we went out to see some of the city of Medellin and surrounding municipalities. This included seeing the Christmas holiday lights in and around the city. This was just amazing. This is the most lights I've seen anywhere, even those who have seen Vegas said it was even better, much better. Look at some of the photos on the blog.
On Monday we started the morning being picked up by bus and then prepared for Day Camp in the morning, the time just flying by as we were so busy. In the afternoon we went to see a coffee farm and processing plant. Very basic but informative. Good to see where most Canadians' staple beverage comes from. See the pictures.
Last night we went out to the city of Sabaneta, which is sort of part of Medellin. This is actually where most of us are living with host families. We visited the central park or square, which has been decorated amazingly and they also had a market there selling all kinds of things. It was just beautiful. Afterwards we were treated to a traditional Colombian meal.

Today, Tuesday was the first day of Powerlab Day Camp. We rushed to make final preparations and apart from some early hiccups we managed to teach and entertain about 40 kids. Working alongside us are 17 Colombian youth workers. They are just doing awesome. They help with translation and managing the children.

Please keep praying for us as we keep working with these wonderful people.

Dries Mostert


  1. Looks like you guys are having fun! Those glasses make Dries look very wise and is that Happy Hour?? Is Gerald wondering what Rick is doing?! Megan likes the lights and I like the coffee. Praying for you all constantly and sending happy thoughts your way. Love the Hills Family. (Megan says I love my daddy and grandma)

  2. LOVE the pictures from today! My girls ( rick's grandkids) think their Papa is the most hilarious person ever!!
    Glad today went well... continuing to pray for you all

  3. Thanks for the very interesting updates. It sounds like prayers are being answered. It's been cold & icy the last few days. I continue to keep you in my prayers. I really enjoyed all the photos! Quite fun!

    Evelyn Daniels

  4. Looking good! Love those poka dots, Brenda :) Thinking of you all very day. What an incredible calling. God is good! Go team, go!


  5. How are the children responding to the Bible Blasts? Are the 40 "churched or unchurched"? Are they receptive to hearing about Jesus? How much of the Bible story & talk has to be translated? Looking forward to hearing more about these things. Luvya

  6. I have been laughing out loud at the fun I see on here, I simply just remember how much fun I had when we put this power lab on here. "Power, Power, Wonder working Power! in the blood of the Lamb,"
    Get your warmth on, and enjoy your weather. We sure are. *********** -14, -10 no big deal!

  7. Loved the pictures. The coffee plants reminded me of the finca we lived on when we first went to Colombia!! Oh the memories!!

    love you Rick