Friday, January 21, 2011

Frday morning at coffee shop

Great Opportunities
On Thursday a number of the team members were invited to have lunch with some of the business owners in the Commercial Center. We were able to share briefly from the Scripture and then pray for them. To all appearances we were warmly received.

Both in the morning and in the evening the students were asked at the end of the teaching session to fill in a response card, indicating whether they would like to participate in P an Alpha Bible study or other activities to further their English. We were told that around 80 people have indicated a desire to participate in the Alpha study. Such a response encourages us and stirs in us the anticipation of what God will do here in Sabaneta.

At the end of the teaching session today Jason will have the opportunity to share his testimony. Then around the tables we all will have opportunity to talk with our students about God’s forgiveness.

Posted by Rick


  1. LOVE the pinky finger Jason!!! And Dad you and Gerald look pretty comfy on that couch!! So jealous of the coffee.. bring us some home Daddy!!
    Praying everyday for you all!

  2. Thanks again for the update. I wonder if Gerald has acquired a taste for coffee yet? Well I guess you guys will be wrapping things up soon and heading for some sun and relaxation. I am very pleased for all of you and all the hard work has paid off. God is good. Can't wait till you are all home. Bring some sun home with you please.

    Love Niki and family.

  3. Yay!, updates!! And pics, thanks! It sounds like you are having a good impact. Please enjoy the sun and lack of snow, but don't worry, we will save you some snow.
    Dad, if you come across a bottle of vanilla, it would make a great present - ran out of my mexican bottle today :(
    have a great time, everyone! We'll keep praying!
    Love Laura & Rusty

  4. Wow! 80!! Praise God, "from whom all blessings flow" -- the one who still changes water into fine wine.