Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday follow-up.
After we finished the day camp we went to see the Metro, the city`s rapid rail system. We rode out to what appeared to be the northern side of the city to see their amazing Metro-Cable. Here the rail system ends and then people from that area can travel closer to their homes in the hills using a cable-car/gondola system. The hills are so steep and the houses the poor people are living in are so closely packed that no roads are possible. The city helped these people to get to work by building this cable-car system. We also saw some of the poorest parts of town, people living in shanty-towns.

Today was a big day. We spent the morning doing our second day of Day Camp. I think everybody felt that it went really well, better than the first day. We are starting to work well together with the team of Colombians. The language barrier is significant, even with our translators, but we are adjusting. The children really enjoyed the day. Today we taught about the Power to Help Others.
Today we were also saddened by the news of the sudden passing away of Brenda`s father, Sonya`s grandfather. Our hearts are aching for them. The whole team including the Colombians were there for support. They are doing fairly well. They will now face a decision about what to do next, and we will continue to pray for them, as we ask you do too. Please keep them in you hearts.
After lunch we went out to the area called Pacifico. This is in a very poor area of the city, again up in the hills. We had to take a taxi-bus to get there. These busses are equiped to climb these steep hills. It is so steep that they tell us the busses need to change their breakpads every two weeks. The drive takes you through narrow and winding streets, through random self-built homes and businesses. Close to the top of the hill is an area where at least 5000 children live in the poorest of conditions. lots of them have no parents at all, some only one parent. Some of the single mothers work as prostitutes and therefor the children stay at home alone at night.
The church with whom we are working here in Medellin has started a project there to help these children socially. They have a family working permanently there, and has recently funded the building of a facility where they can house their activities. This building can later be expanded to house a church as well, and they are partnering with another church-group to plant a church here.
Today we went there to share with the children. We had about 70 kids there. It was wonderful the be there and see their faces. They are so grateful for everything. We were treated to their amazing singing and dancing. We will try to put up a short video of this with a link to the blog. We shared stories with them, we helped them understand the love of God by doing a couple of crafts with them. We spent a wonderful few hours with them, right there on the floor. Then they also received the stationary that was donated by our own youth... you should have seen their faces! There were more than one not so dry eye when we were finally done, and these children came up to us to say "gracias" and goodbye.
The drive back down from the hills was better than any rollercoaster you can imagine, and much cheaper too.
We will likely be going there again tomorrow (Thursday).

Dries Mostert
(PS. We will get more photos on on Thursday)


  1. praying for Brenda and Sonya...
    my heart is so sad for them.

  2. Hi everyone! Getting the updates has been great and enjoying the pictures too. Praying for you all and the awesome work you are doing. Thinking and praying especially for you Brenda and Sonya with the passing of your father and grandfather. May God grant you both all you stand in need of in the days ahead, as you go through this difficult time.

    Thinking of you all and thankful for the support you give each other every day

  3. Brenda and Sonya I want you to know that my heart just aches for you prayers are for you and I will continue to uphold you in the days ahead.
    Thank you for the update. I can just imagine the little children and their great happiness that you spent that time with them.
    Take care and be safe and well.

    With love

  4. Brenda and Sonya, I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your father and grandfather. What a shock. Praying for you both that the decision you have to make and any changes that happen go smoothly.

    lots of love,

  5. Dear Brenda & Sonya, I will continue to hold you in my hearts and prayers while you and your family go through this difficult time. Let god fill your hearts and heal your families grief.
    Love & open arms

    I look forward to your blogs every day. Your days are filled with promise and adventures. Can't wait to hear more..

  6. Thankyou so much for the thorough update. It really helps as we pray with you. I know how much Brenda & Sonya appreciate the support that your team can share together with them. You are all very close.

    Continue to encourage & take care of one another.


  7. Dear Brenda and Sonya, so sorry to hear about the passing of your father and grandfather. Our hearts go out to you during your time of sorrow.

    Thanks for all the updates. I look forward to reading them everyday. Miss you all especially the big bald guy!!!

    Love Niki and family.

  8. Dear Brenda & Sonya,
    Brenda such sad news to hear about your Dad and Sonya your Grampa, he will be missed by a lot of people, your family and all the people in Revelstoke who knew and loved him. Shanna and I will pray for Gods guidance your decision on returning home early. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both and your family.
    Love and hugs