Sunday, January 16, 2011

We apologize for not keeping you updated. Our last few days have been full of meaningful adventures with little time for rest and updating of the blog.

Day four of powerlab came and went. It was a very important lesson for the kids as we learned that Jesus gives us the power to live forever. This idea of Jesus giving eternal life was very new to many of the kids, as the Catholic faith gives more importance to Mary interceding for their sins than Jesus. After day camp was over we started planning for the finale when the children got to invite their parents.
The group then went to the conference center to see the facility that will be used for ESL next week. At this time, Rick and Gerald went over some of the lessons with a few of the Colombians. They were informed that what we had was excellent but far too difficult for the people who were going to be attending. They modified the first two lessons, combining the beginners and intermediates together. This may sound like more work but it will actually make our lives a lot easier.

During the evening we got to spend some much needed time with our host families. Some treated their families to dinner while others joined together with other host families for a party. There was much laugher and good natured teasing about different cultures among other things

Not just Fred but all of us have enjoyed the first few moments of Powerlab when the children come rushing in looking for a big hug from the Canadians.
Day five has come, this was the day we have been praying for, the day the will come and see what their children have learned. We shortened up all the stations as to give time for the presentation to the parents. In the audience there was 15 to 20 non-believing parents. They got to see their children performing their songs and skits, they did an amazing job! At the end of the service one of the Pastor from El Redil had the opportunity to give a clear gospel message to the parents who were non-believers. It was a great privilege to be apart of this service. This opportunity to speak to the non-believing parents was one of the major reasons we put on the Day Camp and by the sounds of it, it was a success. Our prayers were answered!
After cleaning up the house we had the opportunity to drive into the country to a small fish farm were we caught our dinners. Sonya caught the biggest fish out of all the Canadians (don’t believe a word Rick says, I think his was a minnow) All in all a great day.

We will update you about what has happened on Sunday tomorrow as it is late and has been a long day.
Please pray for us tomorrow as we start the ESL lessons. Pray specifically that the people coming to the lessons (nearly 200) will see Christ love in us and the group of Colombians we are working with.
Fred and Jason


  1. So great to hear all the good's very encouraging. What kind of fish did you catch for dinner? Sonya had years of teaching from her Grampa, that's why she caught the biggest1 :o) Love the pix's you are sending....makes us feel a part of it. We continue to pray for you, as well as your loved ones here at home.

  2. Thanks for the great update. Well done with Power Lab. We have praying especially that a number of unbelieving parents would come to the wind-up. Wow, the response was incredible. Thank you LORD.

    We know that ESL presents some major challenges for you. May God grant you wisdom to make any necessary changes. May your efforts to assist the Colombians in English, bring glory to your Saviour. And may the Colombian students be very peased with what they are learning.


  3. Terrific Job Team Columbia. God is truly working through you as you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you each day. Lives have been changed not only there but here also. So very proud of you all, knowing how hard each of you have worked. Well done Sonya, way to put those men to shame. I hope that amongst all the craziness you will be filled with peace and joy. I will continue to pray for all of you this week that things will flow smoothly. What a wonderful family you have in Columbia with the team there...I saw the group pix. Love Niki and family (miss you Gerald).

  4. It was so wonderful to read of the good news. Paul was kidding around saying Eleanor had broke the connection since there were no updates. We of course laughed. Lots of snow around and rain on Sunday. May God continue to use you in Columbia.