Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lost in LA

So after arriving in LA at 2:30PM we had a 10 minute walk to the next terminal.  The new terminal didn't open for until 7:30 that evening so that we couldn't check our luggage.  We asked a gentleman for anywhere that we might be able to walk around to kill some time and he directed us to some secret gardens that were so secret most of us never saw them.  Jason got some new directions from another man and came back with the quote of the day, "I just got directions from a guy with a really big nose.  Do you think we can trust him?"  Once we checked in to the terminal and checked our luggage we all got to watch the TSA guys X- ray our bags.  Brenda's and Darren's were the only ones selected this time and apparently they don't like syrup in the bags.  After a good laugh we went and spreamd out all over the floor awaiting our next flight at 12:30AM.

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  1. My girls ( Rick's grandkids) started laughing when they saw Papa laying on the floor!! "oh papa... sleeping on the floor with other people... silly papa"!! Even miles away he can bring a smile to their faces!!
    Praying for you all!
    anne mobach